Dump Trucks – The Unsung Heroes of Contracting – Are Becoming Sophisticated Machines


Source: PR WEB

DENVER – Dump trucks are one of the less glamorous members of the working truck family, but try to imagine what it would have been like boring the Eisenhower Tunnel if all that rock had to be hauled away in wheelbarrows.

While they may not be the supermodels of the construction business, there’s not a road builder, housing developer, farmer or landscaper who doesn’t know the value that dump trucks bring to a project. And even if they’re not all that sexy, there’s a company in Lake Crystal, Minnesota that takes those Plain Janes to a level that’s turned a lot of heads.

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Productivity key in mechanic/crane truck creations from Stellar Industries and O.J. Watson Equipment


Source: Jeff Rundles

Crane trucks are GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) Class 6, 7 and 8 vehicles used to speed and propel productivity at job sites for road builders, utility workers, water crews, construction operations, and a wide variety of work endeavors that require productivity as a key component of competitiveness and profit. These custom creations are made for work in Colorado by O.J. Watson Equipment Co. using the stellar designs of mechanic trucks, cranes and on-board equipment from Iowa-based Stellar Industries Inc.

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